This guy is good! Not so good as my nephew Sammy but still good.
     - Hershel Gottlieb, Bethesda, MD

You should listen to my husband. For once he's right.
       - Stella Gottlieb, Bethesda, MD

A truly great Magician
       - Gary Davidson, Reviews for a Dollar Magazine

One of the best Magicians I've ever seen.
       - Tammy Horvath, Patrick Henry Preschool, Arlington, VA

He showed up on time and didn't eat too much of our food.
       - Mark and Sarah Johnson, Fairfax, VA

I'm still looking for a Magician who can make my wife disappear.
       - David Barrons, Washington, DC

What a show! There were times when I wanted to laugh out loud or even applaud.
       - Miranda Schatten, Alexandria, VA

We would welcome him back anytime.
       - Warden James Cleveland, Federal Bureau of Prisons

After his show was over we paid him and he left. We feel it was worth it.
       - Dale Morris, Falls Church, VA

His Magic really perked up our tradeshow booth.
       - Samuel James Michelson, Michelson Funeral Homes

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